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Grover Cleveland High School
is now a Small Learning Community Site

Principal, D. Vittor
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Welcome to the Grover Cleveland High School website. Grover Cleveland is a large, comprehensive high school with a diverse student body of 2450 and a staff of over 200, located in the town of Ridgewood, Queens. 

Grover Cleveland High School is a student-centered school deeply committed to the philosophy of creating life-long learners. Our goal is to prepare students to be productive, pro-active members of society. Our students are challenged to excel in both academic and extra-curricular programs. They are encouraged to explore, experiment and question. The faculty and staff of Grover Cleveland expect our students to meet high academic and behavioral standards; therefore, we provide every possible means of support to help students meet and surpass those standards. 

Grover Cleveland is in the process of transforming into “Small Learning Communities.” During school year (2010-11) we christened our Ninth Grade “Tiger” Academy. Our ninth grade students are housed in a separate wing of our building. The Tiger Academy has a dedicated staff of teachers and support personnel who meet regularly to address all of the needs of their students. The students are programmed into blocked schedules and have a different time schedule than the rest of the student body. This is done to ensure that the teachers get to know their students very well in the ninth grade in efforts to support promotion to the tenth grade.

In the 2012-13 school year the rest of the school will be enrolled in small learning communities based on different themes. The career pathways are currently being designed and 9th and 10th graders will choose a learning community during the spring term for their next school year.

Small Learning Communities (SLCs) are small academic communities of about 400 students within larger comprehensive schools. Each small learning community has a dedicated group of administrators and staff, all focused on providing students with a challenging curriculum and helping them graduate on time, prepared for colleges or the workplaces.